DMA CFD Benefits

Become a price maker not price taker

By passing 100% of DMA orders into the live market, Invast Global allows you to interact with the demand and supply of the instrument you are trading – and help determine the underlying price. You can leave resting orders that sit in the order book of the underlying exchange. Other market participants can interact with these orders.

Align your interests with your broker

When trading DMA products your order is matched with other genuine market participants. This means your broker does not profit from your losses. Aligning the broker and client’s interests, removes the incentive to interfere with your execution which is present in other CFD models.

Execution Speed

DMA means less intervention between you and the underlying market and therefore no price re-quotes. We believe prioritizing transparency and execution speed ultimately benefits traders.

Increased Trading Opportunities

Our DMA model allows our clients to trade in both the opening and closing auction phases, where a significant portion of daily volume is often traded.

Increased Coverage

Invast Global offers one of the largest inventories of stock borrow for ASX listed companies. Short sell over 600+ ASX stocks every day. Request borrow on other stocks at any time.

Iress Trading Platform

Access the full suite of IRESS trading platforms via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

(Single Stock & ETFs)

Code Exchange
AME NYSE American Stock Exchange
AMS NYSE Euronext - Amsterdam
ARC NYSE Arca Options
ASX Australian Securities Exchange
AXW Australian Securities Exchange - Warrants & ETFs
BRU NYSE Euronext - Belgium
DUB Irish Stock Exchange
ETR Deutsche Borse Xetra Core
HEL Helsinki Stock Exchange
HKE Hong Kong Stock Exchange
IDX Indonesia Stock Exchange
KLS Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad
LIS Euronext Lisbon
LSE London Stock Exchange
MAD Bolas Y Mercados Espanoles
MTA Borsa Italiana
NAS Nasdaq Stock Exchange
NYS New York Stock Exchange
NZ New Zealand Stock Exchange
OSL Oslo Bors
PAR NYSE Euronext - Paris
STO Nasdaq OMX Nordic - Stockholm Stock Exchange
SWX SIX Swiss Exchange
TAI Taiwan Stock Exchange
TSX Toronto Stock Exchange
TKS Tokyo Stock Exchange

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