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Our Firm

Multi-asset prime services
for sophisticated clients globally.

“The atmosphere in the Invast Global office reveals the success the firm is experiencing. There’s a happy, collegial vibe…It is a very different vibe to that within the Tier 1 investment banks where most of the Invast Global team have spent their early careers. From this office, teams of ex-Citi,
ex-UBS, ex-DB staff criss-cross the globe and service a myriad of small/medium hedge funds, asset managers, retail brokerages and HFT firms.”


– Gamechangers Magazine April 2018


The Origin of our  Logo

When designing our new logo, we had a number of aims.

The most important was to express our unique culture of inclusiveness and equality.

We also wanted to acknowledge that our firm has dual origins – a strong Japanese corporate heritage – and a new, Australian-based, globally-focused head office.

Let us explain the three main influences on our new logo design:

The Enso


The Enso character in Japanese calligraphy has deep Zen Buddhist meaning and significance.

The brushed stroke of the circle is done in one movement with no possibility of modification.

Master calligraphers practise the stroke endlessly in pursuit of the perfect circle and absolute enlightenment.

A disciplined, endless dedication to perfection.



Australian indigenous art is characterised by the use of “dots” of colour to construct striking geometrical designs.

Generally, the dot artworks will have links to ancient storytelling related to Indigenous “Creation Myths”.

The paintings often depict landscapes in almost “map-like” symbolism. A recurring theme is the use of concentric circles to represent a “meeting place” – most often a sacred waterhole.

As a desert-based culture, waterholes are critical to life. Knowledge of their location is revered.



We wanted our logo to represent the fact that, as a global electronic brokerage, we are in many respects a technology firm.

A firm streaming huge volumes of data and information in all directions across the globe.

The final design successfully represents all three of these influences.


Board of directors

Takeshi Kawaji
Gavin White
James Alexander

James Alexander

Chief Commercial Officer

James is a seasoned financial markets professional with over 15 years’ experience across both exchange traded and OTC derivatives. Having worked on the Institutional derivatives desk for a number of U.S. Investment Banks and Brokers, James draws upon this experience when engaging with Hedge Funds, Asset managers and wholesale broker relationships to deliver bespoke solutions. James also oversees the FX liquidity optimisation function within Invast Global, ensuring client needs are matched with optimal execution channels.

Peter Bickerton
Michael Cunningham
Nabil Rahman