New Symbols – Single Stock CFDs (Broker Liquidity)

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28 July 2020 - 2 mins read

New Symbols – Single Stock CFDs (Broker Liquidity)

Keep up to date with Invast Global’s expanding Single Stock CFD & ETF offering, here is a snapshot of our latest additions. To ensure that you are subscribed to our full universe of symbols, please download our latest configuration files from the Technical Guide in Section 6 of the Client Portal.



New Single Stock CFDs

These new symbols were added to the Invast Global DMA Universe from 20/07/20 – 27/07/20

Download List of Single Stock CFDs

Core Symbol Base Currency Exchange
SyneosHealth USD NAS
DigitalTurbine USD NAS
T2Biosystems USD NAS
Albireo USD NAS
Aeglea USD NAS
Veritone USD NAS
Kratos USD NAS
Homology USD NAS
JustEatTakeaway USD AMS
CellnexRight USD BME


New Featured Instruments


Veritone Inc.


Market Cap: 305.135 Million

YTD Return: 352.21%

Veritone specialises in the provision of artificial intelligence technology. With their share price up 350% this year and the Legal AI Software industry continuing to grow, this is one stock to watch closely.


Albireo Pharma Inc.

Market Cap: 380.331 Million

YTD Return: -0.12%

Albireo is a biopharmaceutical company specialising in the development of technology to help treat liver-related diseases. After recovering strongly from the market crash in March, Albireo have begun new clinical trials.


Digital Turbine

Market Cap: 1.097 Billion
P/E Ratio:
: 80.51
YTD Return: 132.59%

Digital Turbine operates as an advertiser provider on mobile devices and applications. Although they are a company that functions in a highly competitive environment, a recent acquisition of Mobile Posse seeks to strengthen their position in the industry. Coupled with their recent revenue growth, make sure to look out for Digital Turbine.

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