Invast Global strengthens management team with two C-Level promotions

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2017.02.13

Invast Global, the Australian-based offshoot of leading Japanese brokerage, Invast Securities Co. (JQ: 8709), has galvanised a period of strong growth and the high-profile expansion of its prime services offering, PurePrime, by making two significant management appointments.

CEO Gavin White has been joined at the top-level management table by long-time colleagues, Jon Leung and James Alexander. White, Leung and Alexander have all enjoyed long and successful careers in the financial markets, predominantly at various top-tier investment banks. Over the past decade the trio have worked together to bring innovative multi-asset prime services solutions to the demanding broker, Hedge Fund and HFT segment. More recently, they have built Invast Global into a very successful multi-asset brokerage serving the full range of client types globally, but with a focus on institutional and professional traders.

Jon Leung has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Invast Global and has been tasked with scaling the operational capabilities of the firm to ensure there is always adequate capacity to meet the growing global demand for the firm’s services. After an early career in London working for Investment Banks such as BNP Paribas and Deutsche Bank, Leung has spent the past decade in Australia, building a reputation throughout the region as a tenacious problem solver.

James Alexander has been promoted to Chief Commercial Officer of Invast Global, tasked with ensuring the Sales and Marketing efforts of the firm continue to attract high quality relationships with clients and vendors alike are optimised. James Alexander is a highly-regarded figure in the FX and CFD industry. He has particularly strong, long-standing relationships across Asia, UK and Eastern Europe. He has infused a strongly which are complemented by Invast’s built on a client-centric culture which throughout the Invast Global Sales team, an effort all of which has been rewarded by a loyal client base and premier positioning within the FX/CFD Prime Services industry.

“Jon, James and I have a great working dynamic, forged over many years of working together providing trading solutions to a wide variety of clients across the globe. It is this close familiarity at the top level of the firm that allows us to be nimble and innovative. It is one of the main reasons we have earned a reputation for our attentiveness to client needs” says CEO White.

Invast Global has reported strong growth throughout 2016 as the firm taps into demand for prime services generated by the contraction in investment bank prime services offerings. Institutional turnover has more than trebled in the past 12 months and the firm has cemented its place amongst the top tier prime services firms.

“As the banks contract, Invast Global has grown into the void. We are providing a non-bank prime services offering that is in high demand as the banks continue to follow long-term plans to exit these businesses. Slowly but surely, the banks are turning away new clients and even off-boarding existing ones. Retail brokers, emerging hedge funds and asset managers are turning to non-bank prime services providers like Invast Global. This is a trend determined by permanent regulatory reform aimed at the large banks. This is not a temporary phenomenon”, says White.

With three highly-experienced professionals in key leadership roles, Invast Global looks exceptionally well placed to capitalise on the opportunities presented by this genuine evolution in the industry.

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