Invast Global named “Best Specialist Prime Broker 2017”


07 March 2017 - 3 mins read

Invast Global named “Best Specialist Prime Broker 2017”

With a unique peer-review voting structure, the Hedgeweek Global Awards have grown to become one of the most prestigious and eagerly anticipated awards in the global Hedge Fund industry.

During an elegant luncheon ceremony held amongst the opulent halls of the Reform Club in London’s Mayfair district, Australian-based, Japanese-backed multi asset prime broker, Invast Global has been voted HedgeWeek Global Awards 2017 ‘Best Specialist Prime Broker’. Past winners of the “Best Prime Broker” award are Societe Generale Prime Services (2015) and Cowen Prime Services (2016).

The global awards are presented annually to top performers in various financial services categories through a peer review system, consisting of the HedgeWeek readership. HedgeWeek is the premier news publication for institutional investors and asset managers, with two-thirds of their readers from the buy-side.

It is a high honour for the relatively new provider of bespoke prime services. While the Japanese parent company, Invast Securities, has been in existence for more than 50 years, the internationally-focused Invast Global was founded in 2013.The firm has blossomed in the past few years, as banks continue to withdraw from prime services. Invast Global has arguably been one of the biggest beneficiaries of this shift, with the brokerage successfully forging a reputation as the best non-bank prime broker in the industry – particularly amongst the small/medium funds and brokerages.

The award comes as Invast Global announces record revenues and turnover in 2016 for its global multi-asset prime services facility PurePrime. With total active client account numbers jumping 142% YoY, a 113% surge in turnover YoY and a 35% increase in revenues YoY, the firm has rocketed its way into the big league of prime services.

Gavin White, CEO of Invast Global states:

“It has been an enjoyable and rewarding year for Invast Global. As always, these sort of results rely on a strong, talented team dedicating themselves to our clients. The team we have at Invast Global is exceptionally skilled at their craft. Our PurePrime product is designed to specifically meet the needs of clients who are struggling to satisfy their bank PB facility. As the tier one PB hurdles get higher each day, our clients are relieved to find an alternative source of prime services which is of such high quality and so easily accessed. We have found ourselves being in the right place, at the right time, with the right product.”

Chairman of Invast Securities Co Ltd, Mr Takeshi Kawaji states,

“The team at Invast Global is world class. We are immensely proud of their achievements and the Board of Invast Securities Co Ltd would like to extend our congratulations to them. We explicitly reaffirm our strong long term support for Gavin and his team and we have no doubt they will continue working hard for their clients and will achieve sustained success in the future.”


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