Invast Global Launches Hong Kong Office

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2019.01.17

Invast Global has been steadily gaining industry accolades for an innovative, technology-focused approach to prime services. Today the firm’s growth enters a new phase with the announcement of the launch of a subsidiary company based in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

The new firm, Invast Global (Hong Kong) Ltd, will execute a strategic plan to concentrate on Asia focused institutional clients by utilising a comprehensive array of SFC licence types to provide an alternative to the traditional bank-based prime services offerings. The Hong Kong expansion will also act as a conduit for future strategic partnerships in the region.

Marcus Fung, CEO, HK
Marcus Fung – Chief Executive Officer (Hong Kong)

Whilst itself a part of the larger, JASDAQ-listed Invast Securities group, Invast Global has forged an enviable reputation in the institutional brokerage industry since launching operations from their Sydney headquarters in 2012.

Over the past six years, Invast Global has been studiously exploiting the growing vacuum created as traditional Investment Banks curb many of their business lines in response to increasingly restrictive global regulatory reforms. The milestones have been accumulating fast for the entrepreneurial firm, with its institutional client base growing strongly worldwide and a particularly strong penetration into the hedge fund space.

The company has been the recipient of numerous highly-respected industry awards, often prevailing over much larger, globally renowned Investment Banks. Notably, Invast Global has gained a reputation for being at the forefront of new technology, winning honours for innovation, whilst maintaining a human, flexible and client-centric approach.

“We are incredibly proud of our achievements in building a globally-respected, technology-focused, yet service oriented and high-touch specialist investment bank.“ says Invast Global CEO, Gavin White. “We believe demand for alternatives to the traditional global investment bank offerings will continue to accelerate over the coming decades, as scheduled regulatory reforms take effect and outdated, legacy technology systems continue to constrain the ability of the banks to evolve and compete”.

Appointed to oversee the establishment of the new subsidiary and manage the ongoing business of the Hong Kong entity is Mr Marcus Fung. Born in Guangzhou, but raised and educated in Hong Kong, Mr Fung’s appointment is revealing of the future aspirations of the firm. A multi-lingual technology specialist, Fung holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Tokyo Institute of Technology – one of Japan’s most esteemed educational institutions. Prior to this, Mr Fung was awarded a prestigious Japanese Government scholarship to study Japanese language at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Mr Fung is a dynamic advocate of the need to provide services that utilise cutting-edge technological innovations, demonstrated by his commitment to provide his firm’s global hedge fund and broker clients with unique analytical services by employing powerful data science techniques.

“Our service is about providing efficient, cost-effective connectivity to liquidity and execution venues, combined with data and analysis. We then communicate our findings to the client in the quickest, most concise and practical way. Finding the best and most appropriate liquidity, designing the best execution techniques, providing the most efficient, most bespoke and responsive ancillary services. Without proper analysis and advice on these factors, our clients are in danger of slipping behind. This is a real problem for small/medium and emerging firms, but it is a problem we are focused on solving” notes Fung.

“I am very excited about the opportunities open to us in Hong Kong and throughout the region. We intend to build upon the successes of our Sydney-based headquarters to create a service that inspires our clients.” states Fung.

“Hong Kong is a hotbed of start-up and emerging hedge funds and brokerages. There is an incredibly dynamic and exciting industry in Hong Kong, which we look forward to serving in our trademark, responsive and high-tech way.” adds White.

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