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02 September 2020 - 2 mins read

Equities Boom

It has been nine-months since the outbreak of COVID-19, and global markets continue to paint a chaotic and unpredictable picture. Continued market volatility has created a perfectly speculative environment for share prices, much like the speculative nature of Forex trading. Stock volumes are now at record highs as retail traders take advantage of current market conditions.


This is reinforced by the momentous 40% intraday rally in Zoom’s share price . In the initial onset of COVID-19, we found that clients typically went long in this stock. More recently, as market sentiment has changed, we have seen a 50:50 divide in both long and short strategies. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity (are your clients?). Let’s see which way Zoom moves next!

Source: Bloomberg Terminal

At Invast Global, we have seen rapid growth in volumes from our DMA Single Stock CFDs, as broker clients look to take full advantage of this market unpredictability. Our liquidity offering allows your clients to buy and sell (short) stocks, while accessing leverage to gain larger exposures – a perfect set up for clients to truly speculate on all market movements.

The global equities party is well and truly underway, make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

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