To withdraw funds, fill out the form below. If you prefer to fill out a physical (PDF) form then please click here to download our withdrawal request form, and email it back to support@invast.com.au. Please note the important information regarding withdrawals at the bottom of this page*

First time withdrawal request or new nominated bank account
If this is your first withdrawal request or you are looking to add a new nominated bank account, then please provide a recent bank statement as proof by uploading a scanned copy of a recent bank statement to the form below.

*Upon receipt your request will be processed within three business days unless you are requesting withdrawing your full account balance and have unsettled trades. If all funds are being withdrawn, all positions must be settled and converted, which may take longer.

If this Withdrawal Request Form is completed in respect of a joint/corporate/trust or corporate trust account held with INVAST we will require email confirmation from all additional account holders authorizing release of balance as stated within this request. INVAST is not responsible for errors made by the account holder and will not make payment to a third party. INVAST will only make payment in the name of the INVAST account holder.

If the base currency on your INVAST account differs from the currency you are requesting to be withdrawn, you may be charged a conversion fee of up to 3% in addition to any wire fee.

There is no fee for AUD bank transfer withdrawals within Australia. For same-day wire transfer (RTGS) withdrawals within Australia, a fee of up to $20 is charged. For the wire fees for non-AUD international currencies, please see the Wire Fee International in the Processing Fees section of our PDS + Fee Schedule online: http://www.invast.com.au/fee-schedule/

Withdrawal amounts in excess of the original deposit amount(s) or withdrawals made after 90 days will only be paid by wire transfer. To view the fee schedule for other base currencies go to the Fee Schedule. If you are withdrawing the full account balance, Invast Financial Services will allow Clients to continue to login to their account for a maximum 12 months. If your account balance is zero for more than 12 months your account will be closed. Once an account is closed, additional paperwork will be required and a new account number will be issued.