Product Guide

Product Guide

Foreign Exchange & Metals

SymbolNameTypeDigitsMin Trade Size
AUD/CADAustralian Dollar vs Canadian DollarFX51,000
AUD/CHFAustralian Dollar vs Swiss FrancFX51,000
AUD/CNHAustralian Dollar vs Chinese YuanFX51,000
AUD/JPYAustralian Dollar vs Japanese YenFX31,000
AUD/NZDAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand DollarFX51,000
AUD/SGDAustralian Dollar vs Singapore DollarFX51,000
AUD/USDAustralian Dollar vs US DollarFX51,000
CAD/CHFCanadian Dollar vs Swiss FrancFX51,000
CAD/JPYCanadian Dollar vs Japanese YenFX31,000
CAD/SGDCanadian Dollar vs Singapore DollarFX51,000
CHF/CNHSwiss Franc vs Chinese YuanFX51,000
CHF/JPYSwiss Franc vs Japanese YenFX31,000
CHF/SGDSwiss Franc vs Singapore DollarFX51,000
CNH/JPYChinese Yuan vs Japanese YenFX31,000
EUR/AUDEuro vs Australian DollarFX51,000
EUR/CADEuro vs Canadian DollarFX51,000
EUR/CHFEuro vs Swiss FrancFX51,000
EUR/CNHEuro vs Chinese YuanFX51,000
EUR/GBPEuro vs Great British PoundFX51,000
EUR/HKDEuro vs Hong Kong DollarFX51,000
EUR/JPYEuro vs Japanese YenFX31,000
EUR/NOKEuro vs Norwegian KroneFX51,000
EUR/NZDEuro vs New Zealand DollarFX51,000
EUR/SEKEuro vs Swedish KronaFX51,000
EUR/SGDEuro vs Singapore DollarFX51,000
EUR/TRYEuro vs Turkish LiraFX51,000
EUR/USDEuro vs US DollarFX51,000
GBP/AUDGreat British Pound vs Australian DollarFX51,000
GBP/CADGreat British Pound vs Canadian DollarFX51,000
GBP/CHFGreat British Pound vs Swiss FrancFX51,000
GBP/CNHGreat British Pound vs Chinese YuanFX51,000
GBP/HKDGreat British Pound vs Hong Kong DollarFX51,000
GBP/JPYGreat British Pound vs Japanese YenFX31,000
GBP/NOKGreat British Pound vs Norwegian KroneFX51,000
GBP/NZDGreat British Pound vs New Zealand DollarFX51,000
GBP/SGDGreat British Pound vs Singapore DollarFX51,000
GBP/USDGreat British Pound vs US DollarFX51,000
HKD/CNHHong Kong Dollar vs Chinese YuanFX51,000
NOK/SGDNorwegian Krone vs Singapore DollarFX51,000
NZD/CADNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian DollarFX51,000
NZD/CHFNew Zealand Dollar vs Swiss FrancFX51,000
NZD/CNHNew Zealand Dollar vs Chinese YuanFX51,000
NZD/JPYNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanese YenFX31,000
NZD/SGDNew Zealand Dollar vs Singapore DollarFX51,000
NZD/USDNew Zealand Dollar vs US DollarFX51,000
SGD/JPYSingapore Dollar vs Japanese YenFX31,000
USD/CADUnited States Dollar vs Canadian DollarFX51,000
USD/CHFUnited States Dollar vs Swiss FrancFX51,000
USD/CNHUnited States Dollar vs Chinese YuanFX51,000
USD/HKDUnited States Dollar vs Hong Kong DollarFX51,000
USD/JPYUnited States Dollar vs Japanese YenFX31,000
USD/MXNUnited States Dollar vs Mexican PesoFX51,000
USD/NOKUnited States Dollar vs Norwegian KroneFX51,000
USD/PLNUnited States Dollar vs Polish ZlotyFX51,000
USD/RUBUnited States Dollar vs Russian RubleFX51,000
USD/SEKUnited States Dollar vs Swedish KronaFX51,000
USD/SGDUnited States Dollar vs Singapore DollarFX51,000
USD/THBUnited States Dollar vs Thai BahtFX51,000
USD/TRYUnited States Dollar vs Turkish LiraFX51,000
USD/ZARUnited States Dollar vs South African RandFX51,000
ZAR/JPYSouth African Rand vs Japanese YenFX51,000
XAU/USDGold vs United States DollarMetals21 ounce
XAU/AUDGold vs Australian DollarMetals21 ounce
XAG/USDSilver vs United States DollarMetals41 ounce
XAG/AUDSilver vs Australian DollarMetals41 ounce
XPD/USDPalladium vs United States DollarMetals21 ounce
XPT/USDPlatinum vs United States DollarMetals21 ounce


Index & Commodity CFDs

NameTypeSymbolCurrencyMin SizeTick SizeTick Value1 Index PointMultiplierFinancing Base RatesInterbank Reference
Australia 200CashAXC/AUDAUD0.010.01AUD 0.011 Index Point = AUD 11BBSW3MBBSW 3M AUD
CHINA A50CashCHC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Index Point = USD 11SHIF3MSHIBOR 3M CNY
China H-SHARESCashHSC/HKDHKD0.010.01HKD 0.011 Index Point = HKD 11HIHD01MHIBOR 1M HKD
Euro 50CashEXC/EUREUR0.010.01EUR 0.011 Index Point = EUR 11EUR003MEuribor 3M EUR
France 40CashFRC/EUREUR0.010.01EUR 0.011 Index Point = EUR 11EUR003MEuribor 3M EUR
German 30CashGEC/EUREUR0.010.01EUR 0.011 Index Point = EUR 11EUR003MEuribor 3M EUR
Hong Kong 50CashHKC/HKDHKD0.010.01HKD 0.011 Index Point = HKD 11HIHD01MHIBOR 1M HKD
India 50CashINC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Index Point = USD11US0001MICE Libor 1M USD
Japan 225 (JPY Settled)CashJPC/JPYJPY0.011JPY 1.001 Index Point = JPY 11JY0003MICE Libor 3M JPY
Japan 225 (USD Settled)CashJPU/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Index Point = USD11US0003MICE Libor 3M USD
Netherlands 25CashAEC/EUREUR0.010.01EUR 0.011 Index Point = EUR 11EUR001MEuribor 1M EUR
Singapore 30CashSGC/SGDSGD0.010.01SGD 0.011 Index Point = SGD 11SIBF1MSIBOR 1M SGD
Swiss 20CashSWC/CHFCHF0.010.01CHF 0.011 Index Point = CHF 11SF0003MICE Libor 3M CHF
TaiwanCashTWC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Index Point = USD11US0001MICE Libor 1M USD
UK 100CashUKC/GBPGBP0.010.01GBP 0.011 Index Point = GBP 11BP0003MICE Libor 3M GBP
US 100CashNAC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Index Point = USD 11US0003MICE Libor 3M USD
US 2000CashRTC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Index Point = USD11US0003MICE Libor 3M USD
US 30CashDJC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Index Point = USD 11US0003MICE Libor 3M USD
US 500CashSPC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Index Point = USD 11US0003MICE Libor 3M USD
US Crude OilCashWTC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Dollar Move = USD $10.0010 (1 CFD = 10 Barrels)N/AN/A
Brent Crude OilCashBRC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Dollar Move = USD $10.0010 (1 CFD = 10 Barrels)N/AN/A
US Crude OilRolling FuturesCRC/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Dollar Move = USD $10.0010 (1 CFD = 10 Barrels)N/AN/A
Brent Crude OilRolling FuturesBCO/USDUSD0.010.01USD 0.011 Dollar Move = USD $10.0010 (1 CFD = 10 Barrels)N/AN/A


DMA CFDs (Single Stocks & ETFs)

IRESS Data Fees

IRESS Data Fee Changes (Effective as of 1st Jan 2020)

Exchange NameCode
NYSE American Stock ExchangeAME
NYSE Euronex - AmsterdamAMS
NYSE Arca OptionsARC
Australian Securities ExchangeASX
Australian Securities Exchange - Warrants & ETFsAXW
Stock Exchange of ThailandBKK
NYSE Euronex - BelgiumBRU
Irish Stock ExchangeDUB
Deutsche Borse Xetra CoreETR
Hong Kong Stock ExchangeHKE
Indonesia Stock ExchangeIDX
Bursa Malaysia Derivatives BerhadKLS
Euronext LisbonLIS
London Stock ExchangeLSE
Bolas Y Mercados EspanolesMAD
Borsa ItalianaMTA
Nasdaq Stock ExchangeNAS
New York Stock ExchangeNYS
New Zealand Stock ExchangeNZ
NYSE Euronex - ParisPAR
Philippines Stock ExchangePHS
Singapore Stock ExchangeSGX
Shenzhen Stock ExchangeSHE
Shanghai Stock ExchangeSHG
Nasdaq OMX Nordic - Stockholm Stock ExchangeSTO
SIX Swiss ExchangeSWX
Taiwan Stock ExchangeTAI
Toronto Stock ExchangeTSX
Tokyo Stock ExchangeTKS