Invast Global named “Best Specialist Prime Broker 2017”

Awards | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2017.03.07

With a unique peer-review voting structure, the Hedgeweek Global Awards have grown to become one of the most prestigious and eagerly anticipated awards in the global Hedge Fund industry.

During an elegant luncheon ceremony held amongst the opulent halls of the Reform Club in London’s Mayfair district, Australian-based, Japanese-backed multi asset prime broker, Invast Global has been voted HedgeWeek Global Awards 2017 ‘Best Specialist Prime Broker’. Past winners of the “Best Prime Broker” award are Societe Generale Prime Services (2015) and Cowen Prime Services (2016).

The global awards are presented annually to top performers in various financial services categories through a peer review system, consisting of the HedgeWeek readership. HedgeWeek is the premier news publication for institutional investors and asset managers, with two-thirds of their readers from the buy-side.

It is a high honour for the relatively new provider of bespoke prime services. While the Japanese parent company, Invast Securities, has been in existence for more than 50 years, the internationally-focused Invast Global was founded in 2013.The firm has blossomed in the past few years, as banks continue to withdraw from prime services. Invast Global has arguably been one of the biggest beneficiaries of this shift, with the brokerage successfully forging a reputation as the best non-bank prime broker in the industry – particularly amongst the small/medium funds and brokerages.

The award comes as Invast Global announces record revenues and turnover in 2016 for its global multi-asset prime services facility PurePrime. With total active client account numbers jumping 142% YoY, a 113% surge in turnover YoY and a 35% increase in revenues YoY, the firm has rocketed its way into the big league of prime services.

Gavin White, CEO of Invast Global states:

“It has been an enjoyable and rewarding year for Invast Global. As always, these sort of results rely on a strong, talented team dedicating themselves to our clients. The team we have at Invast Global is exceptionally skilled at their craft. Our PurePrime product is designed to specifically meet the needs of clients who are struggling to satisfy their bank PB facility. As the tier one PB hurdles get higher each day, our clients are relieved to find an alternative source of prime services which is of such high quality and so easily accessed. We have found ourselves being in the right place, at the right time, with the right product.”

Chairman of Invast Securities Co Ltd, Mr Takeshi Kawaji states,

“The team at Invast Global is world class. We are immensely proud of their achievements and the Board of Invast Securities Co Ltd would like to extend our congratulations to them. We explicitly reaffirm our strong long term support for Gavin and his team and we have no doubt they will continue working hard for their clients and will achieve sustained success in the future.”

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XTX Markets partners with Invast Global

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2017.02.13

Leading non-bank Prime Services brokerage Invast Global and leading non-bank market maker, XTX Markets, have announced a partnership whereby Invast Global clients will now be able to access XTX Markets’ liquidity via the Invast Global multi-asset prime services facility, PurePrime.

Such a partnership illustrates the rapidly growing stature of non-bank participants in the financial markets, as the banks continue to feel the effects of increasing regulatory constraints.

PurePrime now offers disclosed bank, non-bank and ECN liquidity from over 20 unique FX and metals liquidity providers.

The tie-up between XTX and Invast follows growing global demand for the PurePrime facility. Tailored for institutional clients, brokerages, hedge funds and sophisticated traders, PurePrime offers optimised FX and CFD liquidity via multiple trading GUIs or API, backed by 3 Tier 1 Prime Brokers.

XTX is an electronic market-maker providing sophisticated liquidity solutions in Equities, FX, Fixed Income and Commodity markets. Headed by two of the industry’s most respected executives, Zar Amrolia and Alex Gerko, XTX has achieved unprecedented success since its launch. Through smart investment in software and people, XTX has quickly become acknowledged as one of the top 3 eFX Spot market-makers worldwide (Euromoney 2016).

As Invast Global CEO Gavin White notes; ‘the well-documented and undeniably impressive rise of XTX is a prime example of how the FX space is rapidly evolving, with clients seeking non-bank liquidity amidst growing bank-centric regulatory reforms”.

Traditionally, only the largest funds and institutions have been able to get access to the benefits provided by the non-bank market makers. This is because access has relied on the client having a Tier One Prime Broker relationship.

By partnering with the heavyweights of the industry, like XTX, Invast Global is leading the industry in providing access to non-bank liquidity for clients who do not have a Tier 1 Prime Broker.

“It is a huge advantage for many clients – even some of the large funds and institutions.’ says White. “We are bringing clients the best of both worlds – the best Tier 1 bank liquidity aggregated alongside the best non-bank liquidity. It’s a new era.”

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Invast Global Attracts 2 Investment Bank Heavyweights

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2017.02.13

With a distinguished, twenty-year career at UBS under his belt, most notably as the Executive Director & CEO of UBS Futures Singapore, Andrew Pal brings a particular expertise in the changing global regulatory environment and the opportunities afforded within the prime services space as regulatory reforms progress.

Mr. Pal said ‘‘I am looking forward to working with Invast Global at such an exciting time in the evolution of the prime brokerage landscape and especially, the growth of Invast Global into a leading global prime services provider”.

Cassandra Lister, a respected Investment Banking executive in Asia, joins Invast via her independent consulting firm, Euforia Consulting. Based in Hong Kong for the past decade, Ms Lister has enjoyed a highly successful career encompassing senior executive and regional roles at J.P Morgan, Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank. Ms. Lister excels in providing a holistic approach to client relationships and will assist Invast in expanding their presence at the higher end of the prime services segment across Asia.

Gavin White, CEO of Invast Global has warmly welcomed the new members of the Invast team, seeing the appointments as yet another sign of the firm’s ascension within the industry. “The quality of these two appointees is testament to the excellence of our offering. Andrew and Cassandra are joining a firm which is very well-positioned to benefit from the way the industry is evolving. Our team, infrastructure and product offering are all of the highest calibre and our firm is an exciting place to be.”

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Invast Global partners with Citadel Securities

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2017.02.13

In yet another sign of the rise of non-bank entities in the institutional FX industry, Citadel Securities has partnered with Invast Global to become the newest liquidity provider available via the Invast Global multi-asset prime services facility, PurePrime. PurePrime now offers disclosed bank, non-bank and ECN liquidity with aggregation of more than 20 unique FX and Metals liquidity providers.

The partnership follows growing global demand for the Invast PurePrime facility in the Prime-of-Prime space. Tailored for institutional clients, hedge funds and sophisticated traders, PurePrime offers bespoke, optimised FX and CFD liquidity with multiple trading GUIs, backed by 3 Tier 1 Prime Brokers. Indeed, Invast has established itself as a superior prime brokerage alternative amidst the growing contraction of investment banks in the FX services sphere. As Invast CEO Gavin White says, “Invast is pioneering the distribution of non-bank liquidity. The PurePrime facility provides an unparalleled channel by which institutions are able to easily access premium non-bank liquidity.”

Citadel Securities is a leading global market maker and a part of Citadel LLC, which also runs a hedge fund business. Citadel Securities is led by CEO Kevin Turner – previously COO of Microsoft, and provides liquidity across fixed income, equities and FX. In FX, Citadel Securities specialises in spot G10 and emerging markets foreign exchange and bullion.

This confirms yet another leap forward for Invast as it further strengthens its PurePrime facility, expanding on unique pricing streams and excellence in trade execution. As White concludes, “the FX space is rapidly evolving, as regulatory reforms reshape the banking industry. Invast is at the forefront, providing institutional clients with a premium alternative to traditional bank prime services.”

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Invast Global strengthens management team with two C-Level promotions

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2017.02.13

Invast Global, the Australian-based offshoot of leading Japanese brokerage, Invast Securities Co. (JQ: 8709), has galvanised a period of strong growth and the high-profile expansion of its prime services offering, PurePrime, by making two significant management appointments.

CEO Gavin White has been joined at the top-level management table by long-time colleagues, Jon Leung and James Alexander. White, Leung and Alexander have all enjoyed long and successful careers in the financial markets, predominantly at various top-tier investment banks. Over the past decade the trio have worked together to bring innovative multi-asset prime services solutions to the demanding broker, Hedge Fund and HFT segment. More recently, they have built Invast Global into a very successful multi-asset brokerage serving the full range of client types globally, but with a focus on institutional and professional traders.

Jon Leung has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Invast Global and has been tasked with scaling the operational capabilities of the firm to ensure there is always adequate capacity to meet the growing global demand for the firm’s services. After an early career in London working for Investment Banks such as BNP Paribas and Deutsche Bank, Leung has spent the past decade in Australia, building a reputation throughout the region as a tenacious problem solver.

James Alexander has been promoted to Chief Commercial Officer of Invast Global, tasked with ensuring the Sales and Marketing efforts of the firm continue to attract high quality relationships with clients and vendors alike are optimised. James Alexander is a highly-regarded figure in the FX and CFD industry. He has particularly strong, long-standing relationships across Asia, UK and Eastern Europe. He has infused a strongly which are complemented by Invast’s built on a client-centric culture which throughout the Invast Global Sales team, an effort all of which has been rewarded by a loyal client base and premier positioning within the FX/CFD Prime Services industry.

“Jon, James and I have a great working dynamic, forged over many years of working together providing trading solutions to a wide variety of clients across the globe. It is this close familiarity at the top level of the firm that allows us to be nimble and innovative. It is one of the main reasons we have earned a reputation for our attentiveness to client needs” says CEO White.

Invast Global has reported strong growth throughout 2016 as the firm taps into demand for prime services generated by the contraction in investment bank prime services offerings. Institutional turnover has more than trebled in the past 12 months and the firm has cemented its place amongst the top tier prime services firms.

“As the banks contract, Invast Global has grown into the void. We are providing a non-bank prime services offering that is in high demand as the banks continue to follow long-term plans to exit these businesses. Slowly but surely, the banks are turning away new clients and even off-boarding existing ones. Retail brokers, emerging hedge funds and asset managers are turning to non-bank prime services providers like Invast Global. This is a trend determined by permanent regulatory reform aimed at the large banks. This is not a temporary phenomenon”, says White.

With three highly-experienced professionals in key leadership roles, Invast Global looks exceptionally well placed to capitalise on the opportunities presented by this genuine evolution in the industry.

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Invast Global chooses GBG to build its global client base

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2017.02.13

GBG, the global specialist in identity data intelligence today announced it is providing identity verification technology to Australia-based multi-asset brokerage and prime services provider, Invast Global. The partnership brings an enhanced level of identity intelligence to Invast’s on-boarding process, supporting its comprehensive anti-money laundering (AML) program and driving expansion into major growing international markets including China.

With a broad portfolio of clients, ranging from individual traders and investors to multi-national financial institutions, Invast provides access to a range of trades including foreign exchange (FX), contracts for difference (CFD) products and thematic investments. The firm has been using GBG ID3global since September 2015 to enhance its services for clients in 25 countries worldwide. This includes GBG’s electronic identity verification service for Chinese customers, incorporating validation of Chinese passports and national identity cards, to prove an individual is who they say they are.

Invast’s GBG solution has removed the laborious process of identifying and screening high risk individuals, by replacing manual processing with a state of the art batch matching tool that automatically checks new and existing customers against a broad portfolio of politically exposed persons (PEP) and enhanced sanctions data from global partners. This has enhanced Invast’s existing on-boarding and customer management process with faster application turn around, fewer requests for additional customer information, and reduction in false negatives, thus enhancing overall business performance.

Doris Hsiao, Director and Head of Compliance at Invast Global said: “We needed a solution to improve our PEP and sanctions screening functions in line with our AML program, and one that would give us the coverage required to expand into new markets. We chose to work with GBG because of the coverage of their data, track record of working in the global Fintech industry, and the flexibility, ease of use and ROI associated with their technology solution.”

GBG ID3global is uniquely positioned to verify the identities of more than four billion individuals, and validate addresses across 240 countries and territories. Hsaio explained: “As Invast has a global outlook, we generate interest from clients from all over the world, and it is important to us that our AML and sanctions risks are managed appropriately. GBG has been a successful partner for us.”

Jush Athar, Associate Director and Head of Operations at Invast said: “Since our launch in 2013, we have tried and tested many alternative PEP screening solutions; however, it was clear to us that GBG had superior technology to accommodate our needs. Its customer-friendly interface is easy to use and the GBG account team has provided fantastic service throughout testing, initiation and ongoing support phases. As we on-board more international clients, there is an increasing need to implement greater risk managing measures – particularly those surrounding AML – and with GBG we are well equipped to do this.”

Glenn Porter, Managing Director, Global and Major Accounts at GBG said: “We are proud to be working with Invast, who are a leader at a dynamic time in the brokerage industry. Invast represents an increasing number of businesses moving online to tap into the booming global marketplace. It is vital such companies have the right tools to ensure compliance as well as provide a best-in-class customer experience. With GBG’s ability to verify the identity of over half the world’s population, our partnership with Invast is a great example of how we support our clients’ expansion into new territories.”

About GBG

GBG is a global specialist in Identity Data Intelligence. We help organisations make decisions about the customers they serve and the people they employ. Through our fundamental belief that the digital economy relies on everyone having access to data they can trust, GBG enables companies and governments to fight fraud and cybercrime, to improve customer experience and to keep children and vulnerable adults safe.

With local headquarters in Melbourne (Australia), global headquarters in Chester (UK), and 21 locations in 13 countries, GBG provides solutions to many of the world’s biggest organisations, from established brands like HSBC and Ford to disruptive newcomers such as Xpress Money and Stripe.

Find out more about how we use identity intelligently by visiting and following GBG on Twitter: @gbgplc

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