Charl de Vleeschauwer Joins Invast Global

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2021.10.08

Invast Global is proud to announce the appointment of Charl de Vleeschauwer to the position of Managing Director, Global Head of Electronic Trading and Execution (eTX) based in our Sydney office.

Prior to joining Invast Global, Charl worked as Head of Electronic Markets, FX and G10 Trading at BNY Mellon. Here he was appointed to grow the electronic FX offering and deliver on revenue and profit goals. He also drove the implementation of the SG1 project for BNY Mellon, leading a team of 15, involving setting up the firm’s electronic trading engine in Singapore.

“I have had the privilege in my career to work with some of the finest Financial Market Professionals in the Banking world, and I am excited to bring my experience and passion for Electronic Trading Solutions to Invast. Ensuring the best client outcomes through all liquidity conditions has been my focus throughout my career, and I look forward to guiding our prestigious client base at Invast towards their ambitions.” – Charl de Vleeschauwer

Before this Mr de Vleeschauwer worked for a number of tier-one investment banks including Citi, as the Director of Fixed Income and Commodities where he took on a growth-focused trading role.

Prior to this, Charl was also employed as Head of Foreign Exchange Trading, EMEA at Macquarie Group where he led the expansion of the company into the EMEA region managing a team of traders across FX Spot, Structuring, Derivatives and Rates. He further spent 8 years at Deutsche Bank as Director, Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities.

Invast Global CEO Gavin White, had this to say on the appointment:

“We are very excited to have attracted to Invast Global someone of Charl’s standing in the industry. Charl has been at the forefront of electronic trading over the past two decades and has deep understanding of how the markets have evolved through the period of electronification and onward to the rise of quantitative approaches to price making and warehousing risk.”

Charl will officially begin his tenure on the 25th of October. We look forward to Charl playing an integral part of Invast Global’s growth in the future.

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Invast Global – Best FX Prime of Prime

Awards | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2021.08.16

Invast Global is proud to announce we have won ‘Best FX Prime of Prime’ at the FX Markets Asia Awards 2021. In what has been a challenging year, this award is a testament to our team’s consistent dedication and service. Foreign exchange markets continued to face significant disruption over this period and Invast has adapted by working closer with clients to ensure our high standards are upheld.

Increasingly, clients are becoming more sophisticated in their market knowledge and trading strategies, and over the past year, Invast have been well positioned to meet these demands. Our flexible service approach and customisable liquidity streams have allowed the company to navigate through these past months and to set the foundation for growth into new exciting ventures later in 2021. Thank you to you all that have shown your support!

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US Nat Gas CFD Launch

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2021.05.21

Invast is proud to announce that in response to considerable demand from our international broker clients, we are releasing a new Spot Commodity CFD “US Nat Gas”, launching Friday 4th June 2021. This new instrument has been constructed by our in-house Quantitative Team using our transparent pricing methodology, and is derived from the underlying Futures traded on the CME Futures Exchange.

As the third-largest physical commodity futures contract by volume globally, access to this new product is an ideal way for brokers to expand their existing CFD offerings to retail traders.

More than ever, Invast Global is strategically focused on leading the market in institutional Index and Commodity CFD liquidity. Alongside the development of the new Nat Gas CFD, our pricing team recently released a variety of ultra-competitive pricing options across our suite of Index and Commodity instruments using both Fixed and Variable pricing structures – most notably NASDAQ, Cash Oil, DOW30 and DAX30 cash CFDs. These are offered alongside more innovative CFDs such as the Cash Volatility Index and Cash USD Index.


As with all Index and Commodity CFDs, the new US Nat Gas product is covered by the Invast Global Market Data Usage Agreement, providing full exchange coverage and reporting on your behalf for full peace of mind.

           VIEW CFD SPECIFICATIONS                          VIEW LIVE PRICING


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Invast Globals Charitable Contributions

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2021.03.16

Invast Global is committed to supporting a range of charities that are accomplishing incredible things in their fields of focus. This quarter, we are proud to support two organisations, Smart Pups and The Kids’ Cancer Project who address significant issues regarding Australia’s youth.Smart Pups are striving to improve quality of life to Australian children with special needs. By providing emotional and physical support, these Smart Pups help instill children with confidence, as well as assist them in their day-to-day routines, activities and events. Money donated goes directly towards purchasing, caring and training these Smart Pups Assistance Dogs.

The Kids’ Cancer Project are committed to making a difference to the lives of kids living with cancer. Since 1993, this independent national charity has raised tens of millions of dollars towards cancer research, and are well on their way to achieving their goal of 100% survival rate for children with cancer.

We are thrilled to support both organisations who place the wellbeing of others at their forefront, and Invast Global will continue to do so in the future.

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Leading liquidity in Index & Commodity CFDs

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2021.02.16
Invast Global’s expansive suite of 26 proprietary Index Commodity CFD products have been structured by our in-house quantitative pricing team to specifically cater for the unique demands of the institutional API market.

Our exceptional pricing and execution quality have seen Invast rapidly grow to become one of the market-leading providers in Index and Commodity CFD liquidity globally. Our spreads and depth in Cash Oil, DAX and DOW are invariably, among the most competitive in the market.




The Invast Global Quantitative Pricing team has created a range of pricing options across both Fixed and Variable spread methodologies. We can also customise liquidity feeds and bespoke pricing for our institutional client base based on varying needs and use cases.

Find out more about how our fully transparent pricing methodology has made Invast Global an industry leading market maker in Index and Commodity CFD liquidity:



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Powering CFD Product Innovation with Cboe Market Data

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2020.12.10

Invast Global recently launched a new Index CFD product utilising market data derived from the trading of the highly popular Cboe Volatility Index® (the VIX® Index) futures contract offered by Cboe Futures Exchange℠. This is additive to the suite of equity services which Invast Global currently provides, based on market data provided by Cboe. James Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer of Invast Global, discusses the benefits of CFDs, the importance of market data in supporting the creation of these products and common misperceptions among brokers.

James, tell us a bit about Invast?

Invast Global is a provider of Prime Brokerage Services globally, allowing brokers, asset managers and hedge funds access to execution, clearing and custody services across a range of global markets in Equities, ETFs, Futures, Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals.

How does Invast make use of Cboe market data?

We find that Cboe market data provides utility in many ways. Firstly, Invast uses Cboe market data as the core data component of our Direct Market Access Equity and ETF contracts for difference (CFDs). This is a fully integrated API solution for brokers incorporating both market data and exchange execution (long and short) via Direct Market Access. The breadth of coverage provided by the Cboe data feeds combined with our own execution capabilities means that we can offer clients both pricing and execution over thousands of Equity and ETF CFDs.

More recently, we also launched a CFD utilising market data derived from the trading of the highly popular Cboe Volatility Index, or VIX Index. As the VIX futures contract is the most actively traded, exchange-listed volatility futures contract, this CFD product is particularly well suited to our customer base who often incorporate volatility management into their trading strategies. Risk teams within our broker clients will also monitor the VIX Index as a key benchmark in their own risk management policies.

What were the reasons you chose Cboe market data?

There are several reasons. First, Cboe’s product coverage is vast, providing access to more than 15,000 of the world’s most active international securities originating across 19 countries. No other data package in the current marketplace is as comprehensive.

The second reason is cost. From both a licensing and usage standpoint, the Cboe data packages represent excellent value for money relative to similar offerings from other exchanges.

And, the final reason is more nuanced but every bit as important: Cboe has gone through considerable effort to understand the broker segment that Invast looks to serve and has designed market data policies across the set of products they offer, which consider and address the key requirements and concerns of the brokers we serve.

What trends have you observed since you launched your multi-asset API solution to brokers? Has there been a big uptake from CFD brokers for non-FX asset classes?

The COVID-19 outbreak really lit a fire under the demand for Equity and ETF CFDs. The initial Equities market rout in February and March was followed by more “broad based” buying of ETFs and the larger U.S. tech stocks. However, as the (quite remarkable) recovery continued, investors and traders became more targeted in their exposures, often aligning themselves with a number of different pandemic-related investment themes. Now we’re seeing an accumulation of short positions, especially in some of the larger U.S. tech names.

For brokers, this volatility has driven a realisation that an Equity or ETF CFD when done well – i.e. using exchange data and Direct Market Access execution – can be a strong complement to a traditional Equity offering and also bridge the gap between Equities and FX offerings.

Are FX focused brokers open to expanding into Direct Market Access Equity and ETF CFDs?

They are, but there is a common misperception among FX-focused brokers that the integration lead time can be extensive. So, there is often genuine surprise when we inform them that we can generally be production ready in Equity and ETF CFDs in two to three weeks. The efficiency of the sign-up process with Cboe is a key reason we’re able to move so fast to integrate an Equity and ETF CFD product with our broker clients.

Once live, we provide comprehensive support, including access to our proprietary Broker Portal which makes Single Stock CFD operational workflows easy by alerting our clients about upcoming corporate actions and automatically handling dividends.

What other mistakes or common misconceptions relating to market data more broadly, do you come across when speaking with brokers?

Other common misconceptions, in addition to what I mentioned above, is that market data has to be complicated and expensive. The traditional reporting burdens are the most common hesitation. Once brokers realise the benefits of the Cboe data package, for example, especially around non-professional usage, the response is overwhelmingly positive.

Another misconception is that brokers will require their own data vendor to consume market data. The fact that brokers can consume Cboe market data directly from Invast – either under license from Invast or under their own direct license with Cboe – provides a flexible, low-cost data solution.

Where do you see most of the demand from your brokers? Are there particular securities they want to offer their clients?

During the early stages of the COVID 19 Pandemic, demand on the long side came thick and fast for tech stocks like Zoom and Tesla, as well as some of the biotech and medical supply names. We also saw demand for Activision Blizzard, the video games maker, so clearly not everyone was “working from home.” On the short side, airlines, travel and hospitality stocks were the main focus. We also saw strong broker interest in ETFs, which are very well covered under the Cboe data packages as Cboe is the primary listing market for more than 450 ETPs across its U.S. and European venues.

The VIX Index is also seeing a lot of interest as Equity markets pull back from recent highs and volatility begins to come back in towards the end of the year.

If you could sum up Invast’s value proposition in a sentence, what would it be?

A genuine multi-asset Prime of Prime offering featuring a fully integrated execution and market data solution covering Equity and ETFs, Equity Indices, FX, Metals and Commodities.

What’s on the horizon for Invast? Any new products or initiatives you are working on or interested in? 

We’re very excited to launch a fractional share offering across all Equity and ETF CFDs within the Cboe universe. One key advantage of the fractional share offering is that it can better accommodate algorithmic trading, as well as allow for more precise construction and rebalancing of portfolios or bespoke share baskets for more active traders.

Invast Global does not accept applications from residents of Japan or the U.S., and this information is not directed at any persons in Japan or the U.S.


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Invast Global – Best FX Prime of Prime

Awards | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2020.11.12

Invast Global has won this year’s FX-Markets Asia Award for the Best FX Prime of Prime category. A global leader in the Prime of Prime space with 60 years experience as a securities and foreign exchange brokerage, Invast Global has proven its consistent, exceptional service, especially in the volatile market and global economy that was brought about in 2020 by COVID-19 as well as by international political factors.

Request a live price feed


Invast Global is unique amongst their non-bank Prime Broker peers in a number of ways. They are focused on being a truly multi-asset service provider, allowing clients access to the full range of global futures and stock exchanges from one account and with one collateral deposit. As Gavin White, Chief Executive Officer of Invast Global further explains, “Other key factors are that we are focusing specifically on the small end of the hedge fund space, managers with <500m AUM. These managers are currently being underserved by the Tier 1 bank PBs. We offer a flexible, multi-asset prime facility, with no commission or turnover hurdles and no monthly minimums. Such aspects of traditional prime brokerage are often difficult for small/medium managers to cope with. We help solve those issues.”

What is also important to Invast Global is their customer service. Gavin explains how “We are a full-service, with a 24-hour client coverage team, a 24-hour outsourced execution team, and a highly automated back office function with direct connectivity to most administrators and custodians. We can also connect and liaise directly with our hedge fund clients’ own operations team.” When work from home requirements were mandated across the globe due to the global pandemic, Invast Global was able to continue servicing their clients to the highest standards. Because they are a cloud-based, technology-driven company, they were able to shift to remote work in a seamless way, providing team members with secure access to the key resources they need and therefore providing clients with their usual standard of service.

Always looking to be on the cutting edge of technology and best practice, Invast Global has a culture that is dedicated to service, diligence, and innovation. One key part of this culture is to recognize that each client is unique and has different needs on FX liquidity and so they work side-by-side with their clients to achieve this. The company is built on a foundation of dedication to mutual long-term gain. They want their clients to be successful and so they want to be sure to offer solutions to meet their clients’ needs. Invast Global has solid Tier-1 Prime Broker relationships with some of the world’s largest banks, providing their clients with superior access to liquidity streams from over 20 banks, Non-Bank and ECN providers.

Despite the global volatility we’ve all experienced, the past year has been a strong one for Invast Global and Gavin explains how he sees this growth continuing into next year. “We’ve become well known for our extensive access to borrow in global Equities names and will continue to build out this access over 2021. We’re also integrating a number of relationships with several market making entities to deepen the liquidity our clients can access over and above that which is available in the exchange CLOBs. Our quantitative Structuring and Pricing team will also be releasing a number of additional ‘cash / spot’ Index and Commodity products to offer clients a flexible approach to their Index and Commodity trading strategies.”

They note that clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their trading strategies and in their overall FX industry and market knowledge and so their solution has to keep up. Invast Global is perfectly positioned to adapt to changing market demands, using their tailored service approach and customisable liquidity streams to meet client needs. Again, it is this very attention to detail and to different client requests which has provided the foundation for Invast to expand into new and exciting ventures.

Over the last 12 months, they have pushed through with their 3-year plan to establish offices in each major financial city in the world, with offices currently in Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong. In 2019, they launched a subsidiary company, Invast Global (Hong Kong) as part of their strategic plan to concentrate on Asia-focused institutional clients utilising SFC licence types to provide an alternative to traditional bank-based offerings. In the next year, Invast Global will be opening an office in London as well as one in mainland Europe in early 2021. They also look forward to expanding their offerings, including an incubation programme for small and emerging managers.

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Invast Global Launches USD & Canadian Index CFDs

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2020.09.24

Invast Global is pleased to announce the launch of two new Index CFDs:

      • USD Index – USC/USD
      • Canadian Index – MXC/CAD

The new CFD products are available for trading via API from Invast Global’s trading servers in NY4, LD4 and TY3 as part of our comprehensive Index & Commodity CFD offering.

There are no additional monthly data fees associated with the two new Index CFDs.



Invast Global’s revised CFD SPECIFICATIONS are available to view and download here. To view the new Invast Data Usage Agreement with Schedule I updated to include the two new instruments, see here:

If you have not yet executed the Invast Global Market Data Usage Agreement but are interested in reviewing the pricing, please contact the Prime Services team +61 2 9083 1333

Invast’s Index and Commodity Guide provides a detailed description of the Index & Commodity CFD products and can be downloaded here:

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Equities Boom

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2020.09.02

It has been nine-months since the outbreak of COVID-19, and global markets continue to paint a chaotic and unpredictable picture. Continued market volatility has created a perfectly speculative environment for share prices, much like the speculative nature of Forex trading. Stock volumes are now at record highs as retail traders take advantage of current market conditions.


This is reinforced by the momentous 40% intraday rally in Zoom’s share price . In the initial onset of COVID-19, we found that clients typically went long in this stock. More recently, as market sentiment has changed, we have seen a 50:50 divide in both long and short strategies. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity (are your clients?). Let’s see which way Zoom moves next!

Source: Bloomberg Terminal

At Invast Global, we have seen rapid growth in volumes from our DMA Single Stock CFDs, as broker clients look to take full advantage of this market unpredictability. Our liquidity offering allows your clients to buy and sell (short) stocks, while accessing leverage to gain larger exposures – a perfect set up for clients to truly speculate on all market movements.

The global equities party is well and truly underway, make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

             CLIENT PORTAL                            Download List of Single Stock CFDs


Disclaimer: This material is provided to you by Invast Global is solely for informational purposes, is intended for your use only and does not constitute an offer or commitment, a solicitation of an offer or comment, or any advice or recommendation, to enter into or conclude any transaction. Please refer to our PDS available on our website for further information.

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Big Tech Growth in the Face of Pandemic

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2020.08.20

Apple’s recent milestone has placed them as the first publicly traded U.S. company to hit a market cap of US $2 trillion. While 2020 has seen an unprecedented economic slowdown, Apple’s business model has remained resilient – with record revenue at US $59.7 billion. Indeed, the Consumer Tech industry is projected to grow by 5.5%/yr, with the number of users doubling by 2024 (Global Electronic Components Market 2020 Research Report).

Projected Revenue in the Consumer Electronics Segment


This is attributed to increasing consumer demand for home improvements, fuelled by Working From Home arrangements, as well as anticipated developments in artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology.



Company Ticker Margin % Exchange Market cap YTD Return
Apple Inc APPL 0.1 NASDAQ 1.98 T 0.5761
Amazon.Com Inc AMZN 0.1 NASDAQ 1.63 T 0.7645
Koninklijke Philips PHIA 0.15 AMS 40.00B 0.0254
Sony Corp Ord SNE 0.12 NYSE 102.27B 0.1926
Microsoft Corp MSFT 0.1 NASDAQ 1.59T 0.3297


Download List of Single Stock CFDs


Disclaimer: This material is provided to you by Invast Global is solely for informational purposes, is intended for your use only and does not constitute an offer or commitment, a solicitation of an offer or comment, or any advice or recommendation, to enter into or conclude any transaction. Please refer to our PDS available on our website for further information.

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