Cash Oil CFDs – Record Volumes

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2020.04.30

Our Cash Oil CFD pricing methodology was specifically engineered to protect our clients against the short-term risks presented by a product that has an underlying deliverable market.

Deriving pricing from and hedging into deliverable futures contracts presents well-known market risks, that can be easily mitigated by rolling to a back-month contract at an appropriate time.

Invast Global actively monitors the liquidity and open interest in each of the future contract months to ensure that we do not expose our clients to short-term structural risks such as the market dislocation and illiquidity recently experienced in near-month contracts in the US Oil market.

Download Pricing Methodology

Our pricing methodology provides us with the flexibility to roll whenever is most appropriate given the spread of liquidity and open interest across all futures contracts.

Furthermore, this ensures that our pricing accurately reflects the spot price of Oil, being derived from futures pricing that is driven by true market-forces and is unaffected by the volatility that is attributed to structural market issues and illiquidity. An advantage of this approach is that our Cash Oil spreads remain as tight as possible at all times.

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Invast Global Powered By Amazon Web Services (AWS) During Pandemic

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2020.04.09

Our company will continue servicing our clients across the globe to the highest standards, despite the requirement to work from home due to the ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 virus. As a cloud-based, technology-driven company, migrating to 100% remote has been seamless for Invast Global, thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

By utilizing AWS services such as AWS VPN and Amazon WorkSpaces, our team members have secure access to the resources they need.

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Invast Global wins Best Specialist Prime Broker at the Hedgeweek European Awards 2020

Awards | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2020.02.28

The team at Invast Global is proud to be the winner of ‘Best Specialist Prime Broker’ at the Hedgeweek European Awards! The votes are cast by readers and senior industry participants. So, it is a great honour for the team to win such significant international recognition. Lochlan White, Alexandra Wooller & Benjamin Goddard.

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Australian Bushfire Crisis – Charity Day

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2020.01.08

On the 31st of January, Invast Global will donate all trading commissions earned to the NSW Rural Fire Services, to support the volunteer firefighters and the victims of the ongoing bushfire crisis in Australia.

Australia is currently experiencing its worst ever bushfire season. The first fires ignited in September 2019 and have continued to burn throughout the Christmas and New Year period. Experts forecast that the fires are likely to devastate the east coast of Australia for another two months, with fires spreading North and South at an alarming rate.

25 people and over 400 million animals have been killed by the fires which have burned about 14.5 million acres across Australia1. Many more have suffered serious injury. The area already burned is more than triple the size of the land destroyed by the 2018 California Fires and six times the size of the 2019 fires in the Amazon Rainforest.

(Above: Bushfire Map of Australia – 7th January 2020)

Invast Global, has announced that they will donate 100% of the trading commissions generated on Friday 31st January 2020 to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS). The NSW RFS is the world’s largest volunteer firefighting service; however, it has been widely reported to be underfunded by the Australian government.

These donations will directly benefit volunteer firefighters and families who have lost their homes to the horrific bushfires.

We have had an amazing response from our brokerage clients who are spread all over the world. They are all getting behind this and I’m hopeful we can get a great result, to support the incredible volunteers who have fought these fires with such dedication and selflessness – and also to help provide comfort to the unfortunate victims of the disaster. It is a humbling experience to see how much the rest of the world is taking notice of the tragedy unfolding Down Under. Some of the most supportive of our clients are based on the other side of the world, with many never having been to Australia – yet they are pledging strong support to Charity Day.

– Gavin White, CEO of Invast Global

NSW Rural Fire Service

“Donations made directly to the New South Wales RFS are for the benefit of volunteer brigades and are always gratefully received and are a tremendous help. ”



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Invast Global Launches New Cash Oil & Index CFDs

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2019.12.13

Multi-asset prime broker Invast Global is pleased to announce the expansion of their suite of Index & Commodity CFDs by releasing two new Cash Oil CFDs; Brent Crude Oil (Cash) and WTI Crude Oil (Cash) as well as 6 new Equity Index CFDs; Japan 225 (USD settled), US 2000, Netherlands 25, Swiss 20, India 50 and the Taiwan Index.

Cash Oil CFDs – screenshot taken at 05:00AM GMT on 12th December 2019

Average spreads over the past 2 weeks have been very consistent, with WTI Crude Oil (WTC/USD) at USD 0.016 and Brent Crude Oil (BRC/USD) at USD 0.017.


Invast Global has been growing quickly in 2019 with multiple new offerings across a range of asset classes this year, with more product releases scheduled for 2020. According to Invast Global, the expansion of their offering highlights a shift they have seen from their global broker client base.

It is no secret that FX volumes have been impacted significantly across the industry this year. As a result, we are seeing enormous demand for access to new products and asset classes from our broker clients, to diversify their revenue and have an edge over their competitors.


James Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer


 Invast Global – Index & Commodity CFDs 
Australia 200Japan 225 (JPY settled)US 2000
China A50Japan 225 (USD settled)US 30
China H-SharesNetherlands 25US 500
Euro 50Singapore 30US Crude Oil - Cash
France 40Swiss 20Brent Crude Oil - Cash
Germany 30 TaiwanUS Crude Oil - Rolling Futures
Hong Kong 50UK 100Brent Crude Oil - Rolling Futures
India 50US 100


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Interview: Rod Kafer, sums up the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Expert Voices | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2019.12.01

Interview: Rod Kafer, World Cup-winning rugby player and prime broker, sums up the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Rod-Kafer-Invast-Global (002)

This interview was conducted by Stefan Nilsson and originally published on the Hedge Funds Club website.

The 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan is over. Rod Kafer, who won the 1999 Rugby World Cup with Australia and then stayed involved with rugby as a coach and TV commentator, is now working with Hedge Funds Club sponsor Invast Global’s prime brokerage team in Sydney. Having attended the Sydney Hedge Funds Club event in September, Kafer then travelled to Japan to cover the World Cup for Fox Sports. HFC’s Stefan Nilsson met up with Rod Kafer in Tokyo during the World Cup and following the final got Kafer to sum up his thoughts about the tournament.

You spent nearly two months here in Japan as a Rugby World Cup TV commentator for Fox Sports. Apart from seeing a lot of rugby, what did you experience during this extended stint in Japan?

Having been to Japan for rugby previously on a few occasions I had a reasonable idea of what to expect. However, what surprised me most, was the passion and support that the Japanese people had for the game and the traditions of the game. To see Japanese couples in the stands wearing opposing teams’ jerseys as supporters and yet managing to sing the national anthems prior to the match for both sides, was something I have never seen before. The willingness of the local community to embrace a foreign sport as in-depth as the people did, truly shows the level of engagement the game garnered over the seven weeks of the tournament. Any visit to Japan would not be complete without a review of the food and drink consumed, and what a culinary experience it was. On island of Hokkaido I enjoyed the king crab and my favourite beer ever tasted – The Sapporo Classic – It’s so good that it is only available in Sapporo and not exported off the Island.  In the south in Oita on Kyushu there was the heart-warming ramen after onsen. The food was never a disappointment and I enjoyed every meal. Former Japan and Suntory coach Keisuke Sawaki took me for a feast at a favourite sushi restaurant in Gonpachi, and it is hard to put into words how magnificent the food was, washed down with a Suntory Malt Beer, of course, then followed with a Roku gin and tonic, a drink that Eddie Jones was advertising – was some experience on a number of different levels.

Rod Kafer and his fellow Rugby World Cup Winner Tim Horan with HFC's Stefan Nilsson and his family during the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Rod Kafer and his fellow Rugby World Cup Winner Tim Horan with HFC’s Stefan Nilsson and his family during the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Host nation Japan, for the very first time, went through the group stages unbeaten – including great victories over Ireland and Scotland – and made it to the quarter-finals where South Africa proved too tough. Was Japan’s Brave Blossoms’ success a surprise to you?

Every Rugby World Cup has produced teams that have surprised – Japan has now done it twice! I recall seeing Japan play in 1987 prior to the Rugby World Cup and losing to New Zealand by over 100 points, to see them play in 2015 as they did and so narrowly miss the quarter-finals was a shame and suspected they had the ability to improve whilst playing at home. However defeating Ireland this time, a team who had only weeks before been the number one team in the world, was breathtaking; then to back it up over Scotland – who they failed to beat in 2015, proved they not only have the courage but the tactics, the skills and the playing depth, to be a team who could be a top 8 team in the world in the near future. Losing in a quarter-final to the eventual winners of the tournament, in a game where the Springboks had to revert to a style of play designed to bludgeon Japan, fearing they did not have the skills to match Japan head-on, reflects how far the team has come and was a sign of respect the Brave Blossoms had amassed in only a matter of weeks. They truly shocked the rugby world.

Japan’s playing style, which includes some stunning running rugby, is rather different from the more rough-and-tough rugby of some teams with taller and bigger players. Do you think that Japan’s relative success with its playing style may influence other emerging national teams?

Underestimating the work and effort that the Japanese team put into their preparation for the Rugby World Cup would be an error and easy to overlook, and therefore easy to think they produced a playing style that others could easily replicate. It might appear easy to duplicate, but it’s difficult to perfect a style of play, in the way that the Brave Blossoms did, without the time and commitment to be exceptional at your craft. Japan was expertly coached, over a four-year period, by Jamie Joseph – the former All Black and Brave Blossom player; and Tony Brown, both who have had extensive coaching experience in Japan, and therefore understand the local culture well enough to design strategy to suit their players. What was exceptional about Japan’s play, was the high level of skill that the players showed under pressure in all aspects of the game. Their play evolved into a complete game with few weaknesses and a belief and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, that opposition teams found difficult to counter. They managed their playing resources in such a way as to get the absolute maximum out of the team they had. They innovated in areas where they were at a disadvantage and then capitalised in the areas where they were better than their opposition. Catching Ireland on a hot, humid night in Shizuoka certainly helped the supremely fit and lighter weight forward pack where team selection from Jamie Joseph played a role in dealing with the conditions on the day, in a game where Japan excelled, and were worthy winners.

What do you think the success of Japan as a Rugby World Cup host nation will mean for rugby’s future?

The great challenge for Japan rugby and indeed world rugby is to build a legacy that lasts for generations. It was obvious that the Japanese population embraced the game and the tournament. With the success that Japan had, the opportunity exists to promote the game in a way to garner the hearts and minds of the population. Focusing on a grassroots, ground-up approach within schools, with the appropriate level of investment, could deliver a game and a supporter base that will eventually sustain a truly professional competition to augment and capitalise on the existing company-based top league.

HFC's Stefan Nilsson and Invast Global's Rod Kafer at the Sydney Hedge Funds Club in September 2019.

HFC’s Stefan Nilsson and Invast Global’s Rod Kafer at the Sydney Hedge Funds Club in September 2019.

Aussie Eddie Jones, a former coach of both Australia and Japan, did rather well at this World Cup, taking England all the way to the final. Do you reckon he should soon come home to Australia and take charge of the Wallabies to bring them back to glory?

Eddie is a world-class coach and has demonstrated that over many years, in a variety of environments, in a variety of roles. Unfortunately, Eddie is contracted with England and therefore not an option to coach the Wallabies. I am encouraged however by the recent appointment of Dave Rennie to the Wallabies. Dave is an excellent coach with a fantastic pedigree and a proven history of success. I am looking forward to seeing him continue that in Wallaby Gold.

South Africa are the new world champions of rugby. Did you expect them to do this well prior to the Rugby World Cup starting?

Yes, I did. I had predicted the final prior to the tournament, however, had England winning over South Africa, so got that wrong! South Africa had all the elements needed to perform well in a World Cup, and as is often the way, did not have to beat the best team in the world, as England did it for them in the epic semi-final. South Africa was able to preserve the most amount of energy in the group stages adopting a conservative game plan that allowed them to play the final at a pace that England was unable to compete with. They were excellently prepared and peaked for the final to perfection. The return of Cheslin Kolbe was a major boost for the psyche of the team and his try late in the match showed the quality of the world-class finisher. The Springboks were worthy three-time champions.

Your fellow Fox Sports commentator is Tim Horan, a two-time World Cup winner with the Wallabies. Is there a bit of rivalry between the two of you in the studio or are you just good mates supporting each other?

I am fortunate to work with some of the greatest players in Wallaby history – not just Horan, but Gregan, Kearns, Martin, Hoiles, Harrison and Mitchell – they make a pretty formidable line up of talent. Whilst not all of us have played directly with each other, we all cross over in a way that everyone has played with at least two others on the list and therefore we have, what Justin Harrison likes to refer to as a “golden thread” running through us. We are all great mates and enjoy one another’s company.

HFC's Stefan Nilsson with Rod Kafer in Tokyo during the Rugby World Cup.

HFC’s Stefan Nilsson with Rod Kafer in Tokyo during the Rugby World Cup.

You and several other former rugby stars have made the transition into successful business careers. Is it the competitive instincts and winner mentality that help some former rugby players succeed in business?

One of the great challenges as a former player, is you have a career in rugby until sometime in your mid-30s, if you are lucky, and may have had some great highs, and certainly some lows as well, and then often transition into a completely new industry, which may have little applicability to your time in the game. Whilst you have garnered certain skills during your playing career, you have also missed many of the lessons that you would have learnt had you followed a more traditional business or career path through your 20s and 30s. After the game, you can find yourself as a rookie in a new industry at the age of 35, 40, or sometimes 47, as I have, and need to learn and adapt as quickly as you can to be successful. I think one of the greatest challenges for ex-sportspeople, is trying to replicate the enjoyment you had as a player, playing the game you loved, in a new environment that is not as fulfilling as playing a sport for a living. I think the competitive instincts that sportspeople have are often specific to the sport they play, and at times do not translate outside of that world. Certainly, in business I have met incredibly focused and competitive people equal to any of the great rugby players’ competitive instincts, however, sportspeople are typically able to bring a work ethic and sense of teamwork that most businesses value. For many sportspeople, the measure of success in business probably has more to do with their ability to find joy in their new career. I have been involved in several businesses since finishing as a player. I have founded and sold a couple of businesses and had success and failure in business as in life. However, my time at Invast Global has been immensely enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. I consider that to be an outstanding success and look forward to it continuing.

(Dec 2019)

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Invast Global partners with CBOE for Global Market Data

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2019.10.10

Invast Global is a provider of Prime Brokerage Services globally, allowing brokers, asset managers and hedge funds access to execution, clearing and custody services across a range of global markets in Equities, ETFs, Futures, Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals.

Invast Global recently launched a fully integrated API solution for brokers incorporating both market data and exchange execution for thousands of Single Stock CFDs. This offering provides clients with live exchange pricing and leveraged, long/short execution capability via Direct Market Access (DMA), to some of the world’s most liquid CFD markets. The offering utilises Cboe market data for U.S. and European equities.

James Alexander, Invast Chief Commercial Officer notes, “The CBOE Equities Data packages offer outstanding value not just for us as data vendor and the point of execution, but also for our broker clients. The fact that non-professional consumers of the data can access US and pan-European exchange data with no monthly access fees means that our Broker clients are able to disseminate this product to their customers in a much more cost-efficient way than has previously been possible. Ultimately this allows for brokers to distribute a more diversified range of products to more clients – which is a great result”.

The delivery of an integrated data and DMA execution solution for CFDs is aided by the provision of full operational and technology support functions to reduce the operational burden for our clients. Market data reporting is also streamlined, with Invast acting as the vendor of record to our broker clients. “We feel that providing a streamlined offering including data distribution, DMA execution, ongoing corporate action support, infrastructure set-up and market data reporting is a huge step forward in bringing genuine multi-asset trading capabilities to our broker clients. This diversification should allow them to grow their businesses, even in the face of an evolving regulatory landscape.”

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Invast Global wins Best Specialist Prime Broker 2019 at the Hedgeweek Global Awards 2019

Awards | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2019.02.18

Invast Global wins Best Specialist Prime Broker 2019 at the Hedgeweek Global Awards 2019

Uniquely, the Hedgeweek Global Awards are voted for by the Hedgeweek readership.
As they represent true recognition from peers, they are among the most respected awards in the industry.

Once again the Reform Club provided a suitably distinguished venue for the presentation dinner.

To view the full list of award winners, please click here:

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Invast Global Launches Hong Kong Office

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2019.01.17

Invast Global has been steadily gaining industry accolades for an innovative, technology-focused approach to prime services. Today the firm’s growth enters a new phase with the announcement of the launch of a subsidiary company based in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

The new firm, Invast Global (Hong Kong) Ltd, will execute a strategic plan to concentrate on Asia focused institutional clients by utilising a comprehensive array of SFC licence types to provide an alternative to the traditional bank-based prime services offerings. The Hong Kong expansion will also act as a conduit for future strategic partnerships in the region.

Marcus Fung, CEO, HK
Marcus Fung – Chief Executive Officer (Hong Kong)

Whilst itself a part of the larger, JASDAQ-listed Invast Securities group, Invast Global has forged an enviable reputation in the institutional brokerage industry since launching operations from their Sydney headquarters in 2012.

Over the past six years, Invast Global has been studiously exploiting the growing vacuum created as traditional Investment Banks curb many of their business lines in response to increasingly restrictive global regulatory reforms. The milestones have been accumulating fast for the entrepreneurial firm, with its institutional client base growing strongly worldwide and a particularly strong penetration into the hedge fund space.

The company has been the recipient of numerous highly-respected industry awards, often prevailing over much larger, globally renowned Investment Banks. Notably, Invast Global has gained a reputation for being at the forefront of new technology, winning honours for innovation, whilst maintaining a human, flexible and client-centric approach.

“We are incredibly proud of our achievements in building a globally-respected, technology-focused, yet service oriented and high-touch specialist investment bank.“ says Invast Global CEO, Gavin White. “We believe demand for alternatives to the traditional global investment bank offerings will continue to accelerate over the coming decades, as scheduled regulatory reforms take effect and outdated, legacy technology systems continue to constrain the ability of the banks to evolve and compete”.

Appointed to oversee the establishment of the new subsidiary and manage the ongoing business of the Hong Kong entity is Mr Marcus Fung. Born in Guangzhou, but raised and educated in Hong Kong, Mr Fung’s appointment is revealing of the future aspirations of the firm. A multi-lingual technology specialist, Fung holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Tokyo Institute of Technology – one of Japan’s most esteemed educational institutions. Prior to this, Mr Fung was awarded a prestigious Japanese Government scholarship to study Japanese language at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Mr Fung is a dynamic advocate of the need to provide services that utilise cutting-edge technological innovations, demonstrated by his commitment to provide his firm’s global hedge fund and broker clients with unique analytical services by employing powerful data science techniques.

“Our service is about providing efficient, cost-effective connectivity to liquidity and execution venues, combined with data and analysis. We then communicate our findings to the client in the quickest, most concise and practical way. Finding the best and most appropriate liquidity, designing the best execution techniques, providing the most efficient, most bespoke and responsive ancillary services. Without proper analysis and advice on these factors, our clients are in danger of slipping behind. This is a real problem for small/medium and emerging firms, but it is a problem we are focused on solving” notes Fung.

“I am very excited about the opportunities open to us in Hong Kong and throughout the region. We intend to build upon the successes of our Sydney-based headquarters to create a service that inspires our clients.” states Fung.

“Hong Kong is a hotbed of start-up and emerging hedge funds and brokerages. There is an incredibly dynamic and exciting industry in Hong Kong, which we look forward to serving in our trademark, responsive and high-tech way.” adds White.

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Invast Global Continues Partnership With Qantas Australian Women’s Rugby Team

Company News | +61 2 9083 1333 | 2018.11.29

Invast Global and Rugby Australia today announced that the multi-asset prime broker company will continue its support for the Qantas Australian Women’s Sevens team for the upcoming HSBC Sevens Women’s World Series campaign.

Invast Global’s logo will be adorned upon the shorts of the Aussie Sevens Women’s side as they make their charge in an Olympic Qualification year for HSBC Sevens World Series.

Rugby Australia Chief Commercial Officer, Cameron Murray said: “We’re very proud to be continuing the partnership between Invast Global and our Qantas Australian Women’s Sevens squad.

“The partnership comes in a crucial year for Rugby Sevens and it is a credit to Invast Global that they are excited to partner with one of the flagship Rugby Sevens sides globally, our Aussie Women’s Sevens team.

“The HSBC Sevens World Series continues to grow as a spectacle across the world, allowing Invast to further take their brand to a global audience.”

Invast Global CEO, Gavin White said: “We’re honoured to be an official partner of the Australian Women’s Sevens Rugby team for 2019.

“The team is succeeding at an elite global level – and at Invast Global we aspire to do the same. Importantly, the team represents the values of equality, integrity and dedication to excellence that Invast Global also epitomises.

“Like Rugby Australia, Invast Global is a champion of diversity with 40 staff, comprising 16 different nationalities, serving clients in over 50 countries.

“We wish the team the very best of luck for the 2019 season. Our staff – and our clients from all over the world – will be cheering loudly from the sidelines at each tournament.”

The Qantas Australian Women’s Sevens squad will play in the round two of the series at the HSBC Dubai Sevens, kicking off tonight.

Australia will face England, China and the USA in the battle for Pool B with all matches to be broadcast LIVE through World Rugby’s Digital Channels. The Finals on Friday will be broadcast LIVE on FOX SPORTS.

Head Coach John Manenti has named two debutants in the squad in Lily Dick and Sariah Paki, following on from Australia’s victory at the Oceania Sevens in Fiji earlier this month.

Qantas Australian Women’s Sevens Fixtures, Dubai
Thursday November 29

Australia v England, 7.44pm AEDT
Australia v China, 10.40pm AEDT
Friday 30 November
Australia v USA, 1.59am AEDT

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