Account Opening

Please fill out our form here. Once this basic information form has been completed, you will be automatically redirected to our application form.
Invast offer 3 account types, Retail, Sophisticated and Wholesale. Find our Client Classification page here.
Yes, Invast offers joint accounts, you will be prompted in the application form if you wish to open a joint account. Application form here.
Yes, you can. To request an additional account, please reach out to our Client Coverage team at who will assist you.
Invast requires two forms of ID and a utility bill/bank statement to verify your address. Depending on your account classification, you may also need to provide evidence of your current financial status and trading experience.
A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a requirement for all corporate entity applications. If you do not yet have one, please apply via link
Invast do not currently offer Demo accounts.
Yes, we can place accounts on hold which includes platform fees. Please contact the DMA Sales & Execution desk to arrange.
To close your Invast account please email Client Coverage and the team will process your request.
Invast Financial Services holds retail client money in a pooled segregated client trust account in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and RG 212. These funds are held with top-tier banks including JP Morgan Chase Bank (JPM). Retail and sophisticated client funds are not mixed with Invast’s own funds.

Funding and Withdrawals

To deposit funds and begin trading, please refer to our deposit webpage which includes various deposit options and instructions. The deposit page can be found here:
All accounts require an initial minimum deposit of AUD $5,000.
Once sighted by Invast, funds will be cleared and allocated to your account as soon as possible. Note standard bank transfer times do apply. Transfers are generally processed withing 24 to 48 hours during business days.
We can not accept any third party payments. Invast will only accept funds from the account holder we have on record.
To withdraw funds, please refer to our withdrawal page and follow the instructions provided. The withdrawal page can be found here
Invast do not charge any fees for processing deposits or withdrawals.


To reset your Iress Password, please email with the Subject Line 'Iress Password Reset' and provide any relevant information.
To see our Platform and Data fees, please refer to this webpage.
For a full list of the global exchanges offered by Invast Global, please refer to this webpage.
Invast Global offers the full Iress suite which includes: Iress Trader, Iress ViewPoint & Iress Pro. Bloomberg EMSX is also available to our clients.
Borrow inventory is updated daily and start of day availability can be found posted here.

Please note, short status and volume of stocks are subject to change
You can request borrow through by phone, email or client skype channel which is monitored 24 hours a day (during business hours)
+61 2 9083 1333
Skype chat username can be provided upon request.
Daily updated margin tables can be found at the below link.
Single Stock Margin Table
Clients should monitor their margin requirements and ensure that they maintain sufficient funds in their account to allow for any adverse movements in market conditions. Please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement and Terms & Conditions for further information.
Yes, you can place trades with our dealing desk directly. Please call DMA Sales & Execution and we will facilitate orders.
+61 2 9083 1333
A smart order router (SOR) is an automated process used in online trading, which follows a set of rules that look for and assess trading liquidity. Once selected the SOR will find the best possible prices for trades as quickly as possible. SOR will analyze ASX, CHI-X and prime broker internal crossing.
Centre Point orders can be placed by choosing ASXCP in exchange Instructions – Exchange destination in the order pad ticket. If your order ticket does not have exchange Instructions, this can be added by clicking the spanner and hammer icon at the bottom right of the window.
Yes, we offer trading through Bloomberg EMSX, please contact us on, or us for more information on +61 2 9083 1333
Trade Example
Buy 1,000 A2M.ASX at $6.00
Notional Value: $6,000
Commission rate: 0.0006 (6bps)
Commission paid: $3.60
Financing Example (Assuming no price change)
Buy 1,000 A2M.AX at $6.00
Notional Value: $6,000
Long Financing rate: 2.96% (0.01 + 2.95)
Short Financing rate: 2.94% (0.01 - 2.95)
1 Day Financing: ($6,000 *2.95%) /365 = $0.48
3 Day Financing: ($6,000 *2.95%) /365 *3 = $1.45*
(*If held over a Friday)
CHI-XQ is the CHI-X market depth queue before the market opens. Orders can be place after 7:30AM on business days. Once the market is open, CHI-XQ orders convert to CHI-X.
To use IRESS Trader or Viewpoint, please login via the below link (also found on the Invast website). The link will take you to an online Java script plug in.
Yes, but to retail clients only.

Account Data

New accounts are created with delayed ASX data. ASX live data is an additional cost which can be added. Invast platform fees can be found here.
To access US exchanges, you are required to complete some forms. Please contact the DMA Sales Execution desk.
If you would like additional data on your account, including CHI-X data, please contact the DMA Sales & Execution desk. Note additional data fees apply.

Company Information

Invast Global is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC).
+61 2 9083 1380
Skype chat username can be provided to clients upon request.

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