A word from Kafe…

“At Invast Global, we know that our employees are our biggest asset and greatest source of success. We hire the best and train them to be even better. Our employees are hard workers with a strong desire to learn and succeed. They are genuinely invested in the success of the company and know that we are all working towards a common goal.”

Rod Kafer
Managing Director
Invast Australia
Why work for Invast?

“Invast Global is different. It’s a global brokerage, but it feels more like a tech company. The Technology team I run has free reign to build what we think is useful. We employ the best minds, the best problem solvers – and we build solutions for our clients. Having studied Aeronautical Engineering (Space) and Computer Science, I never thought I would be building things in financial markets. But I love it.”

Esteban Mora
Head of Technology
Invast Global

Find yourself here

Newly qualified, passionate, and eager to learn? Kickstart your career at a company dedicated to fast-tracking your development.

In honour of Mr Koichi Kawaji, our founder and the Chairman of our parent company, INV Inc. we have designed a world-leading internship program with unprecedented benefits.

We want to attract the best talent, so we have designed a program that will appeal to them.

Elite Internship Program

If you are the best in the industry, chances are we’ll find you before you find us.

But, if you think we have overlooked your talents, don’t be afraid to let us know.

If you think you have more to offer than your current role allows, contact us. You might be surprised.

Contact HR…..for a confidential chat.

Available positions

Department Job Title Location Type Description
Electronic Trading & Execution Associate Director Sydney, Australia Full-Time Download PDF
DMA Sales & Execution Designated Trading Representative Sydney, Australia Full-Time Download PDF
Electronic Trading & Execution Associate Sydney, Australia Full-Time Download PDF

To apply for available positions please send your CV to our recruitment team: recruitment@invast.com.au

What we’re looking for

At Invast, we hire talented, creative problem solvers to help us create an unmatched trading environment for our clients.

We understand that true innovation requires brilliant ideas as well as being bold enough to challenge the status quo. That’s why we always encourage our talent to think big to solve problems for our clients, and why we’re always open to trying new things that will help us improve.

What's in it for you?

Make a real impact

Due to the start-up nature of the business, new ideas are always encouraged and can be quickly implemented. Because of this, you can really see the impact of your ideas on the business.


Invast has invested heavily into the latest technology and tools to ensure you can work at your best, and that we stay ahead of the competition.


We are an inclusive and diverse company. Collaboration across all departments highly encouraged by management to ensure you are well versed in all aspects of the business.


Invast Global offers a highly competitive base salary plus superannuation along with Short Term Incentive Schemes – which includes quarterly cash bonuses.


We want to hire the best talent in the industry. To attract the best, we have embraced a flexible work culture. Work hours?… Anything is possible.


We don’t just want to hire the best talent, we want to train them to be even better. Career development is a priority to you – so it’s a priority for us.

Can't see your perfect role available? We're always recruiting so get in touch!

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