Pron:  /ɔːlˈtɜː(r)nətɪvz/
1. One of two or more available possibilities.
2. Relating to activities that depart from or challenge traditional norms.
3. Financial assets that are considered non-traditional.

The global investment landscape is evolving.
explore your alternatives.
Invast Global – an alternative prime broker.

Invast Global

Invast Global is an award-winning multi-asset prime broker, based in Sydney, with offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong. We specialise in providing bespoke, high quality prime brokerage services to global brokers, small/mid-sized hedge funds, family offices, proprietary trading firms and regional banks. We also make our services available to qualified Australian-domiciled individuals.

Our publicly-listed Japanese parent company, Invast Securities Co, has a 60 year history as a securities brokerage. Our group enjoys stable, long-standing relationships with numerous tier-1 bank Prime Brokers, as well as leading data providers and market infrastructure vendors.

Our Japanese heritage ensures we stay at the cutting edge of technology and best practice, while maintaining a strong culture embodying a dedication to service, diligence and innovation.