Index CFDs


Index CFDs allow you to trade the world’s leading indices. Traders can take a long or short view of the index and potentially profit from a move in either direction. If you expect the market to rise, you can buy the Index CFD and gain exposure to the overall market in one trade, rather than trying to build a portfolio of individual stocks. 


Of course you can also sell short the Index CFD if you think the market will fall.


Using Index CFDs to short the market in one trade is a great way to hedge your equity portfolio quickly and easily in times of doubt. If you are uncertain about the direction of the market, you can protect the value of your equity portfolio by selling Index CFDs.


Trade the world's global markets, commission free via our Index CFDs. Trade long, short or even hedge your existing share portfolio with the click of a button. 


See the list below for our full range of Index CFD markets covered and our Index CFD spreads. Click here to access the trading hours for all products throughout the year.


CFD Stock Indices (Cash) MT4 Platform



  • Australian 200 Index (AUS200)
  • Euro Stoxx 50 Index (ESTX50)
  • German DAX 30 Index (GER30)
  • French CAC 40 Index (FRA40)
  • Japan Nikkei 225 Index (JP225)
  • Hong Kong 50 Index (HK50)
  • UK 100 Index (UK100)
  • US Wall Street 30 Index (US30)
  • US Tech 100 Index (NAS100)
  • US SPX 500 Index (SPX500)
  • China H-Shares (H-SHARES)
  • China A50 (CHINA50)
  • Singapore 30 (SING)


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