DMA Equity and Futures CFDs



Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs are derivative instruments that provide traders with fast, transparent and accountable access to the world’s global financial markets. With live prices and volumes streaming unfettered from the underlying exchanges and all trades instantaneously hedged directly onto the underlying exchange, DMA CFDs are a fair and unambiguous way to trade. 


In hedging all DMA CFD trades immediately and directly onto the underlying exchange, our interests as a broker are aligned with our clients. In addition to the many benefits of trading DMA CFDs, clients also have access to the IRESSTrader platform with a wide range of order types.


Invast’s DMA CFD offering provides truly global coverage, with access to over 30 international equity and futures exchanges, all delivered through one platform and a single margin facility. With market-leading commission and financing structures and competitive margins, Invast’s DMA CFD offering is the ideal offering for professional traders.


DMA CFD Shortable List & Special Borrow Rates




DMA CFD Margin Table



Trade Global Market Exchanges with Invast IRESSTrader


  • Australian Securities Exchange
  • Australian Warrant & ETF Exchange
  • NASDAQ Stock Exchange
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Amsterdam Stock Exchange
  • NYSE Euronex - Belgium
  • ARCA Stock Exchange
  • Singapore Stock Exchange
  • Indonesia Stock Exchange
  • Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange
  • London Stock Exchange
  • Xetra - German
  • OMX Nordic Exchange Finland
  • Madrid & Regional Stock Exchange
  • Electronic Share Market (Italy)
  • NYSE Euronex - Paris
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange


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