ST24 - The Evolution in Forex Trading Systems

ST24 is one of the World's largest auto trading Forex platforms

ST24 is Invast’s contribution to the future of Forex Trading, allowing traders of all levels to hand pick those strategies that specifically suit their individual needs and timeframe.

ST24 allows traders to pick from over 6,000 Forex trading strategies that have passed Invast's stringent selection process and with over 70,000 accounts in Japan already, it is clear to see why ST24 is one of the largest auto-trading services in the world. 

Click the play button on the video below to view a 90 second overview.

In addition ST24 employs a strict risk management system to ensure traders are aware of the leverage they are using on their account with our proprietary indicator, the margin meter.

ST24 is one of our most exciting proprietary trading products and we are excited to announce the launch of the platform outside of Japan for the very first time.

In Japan, ST24 has had unprecedented success, registering their 70,000th account since inception in 2011. Below is a graph of the number of accounts our Japanese office has opened over the first couple of years.

Below is a screen shot of the platform, showing the intuitive nature of the interface and the top 10 strategies as captured on the 22nd of May 2014. Please note that past performance is no indication of future performance and no guarantee of performance is given or implied in the image below. By opening an ST24 trading account you will get instant access to the platform below and will be able to start short listing your preferred trading strategies and creating your own Forex trading portfolio.

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