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Technology is at the forefront of Invast’s client offering. Our cutting edge technology has been developed with a focus on innovation, continuous improvement and tailoring our services to the needs of our clients.


Technology and connectivity solutions are available across a range of platforms, asset classes and locations. As would be expected of one of the largest brokers in Japan our technology and technical expertise is second to none.

Industry Leading Platforms


Invast provides a range of industry leading trading platforms with sophisticated and cutting edge technology. The breadth of the platform offering allows clients to find a solution suited to their trading style and investment needs.

Low Latency 


A key focus of Invast’s trading technology infrastructure is low latency solutions. This is achieved through a variety of strategies including the cross connection and co-location of Invast servers with our major LPs (in LD4 & NY4) as well as receiving direct market access pricing from a multitude of exchanges worldwide.

Global Connectivity


Invast is able to support clients connections from around the world, with the exception of the US and Japan, including their choice of aggregator and server location (LD4 or NY4).


FIX API Solutions 


Invast is able to offer institutional clients FIX API solutions for both Flex Trade and Integral allowing clients to use their own front end GUI, minimise latency and execute algorithmic trading. As part of any FIX API solution Invast will be able support the integration of client bridges.

ECN Routing


As well as giving clients access to Invast’s outstanding aggregated FX liquidity, ECN routing allows Institutional clients to become price makers into Invast’s price stream. Such functionality benefits all Invast’s clients through increased liquidity and potential price improvement. 



Invast server location centres have proven reliability with multiple back-up systems and power sources. The data centres utilize an array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor, and record access to the facility.

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